• I have suffered from chronic back pain due to a pre-existing injury for the past 6 years. As a figure skater, being in chronic pain really hinders your performance on the ice. Being a part of the Priority Care program at TruMove keeps me worry-free. Priority Care gives me the ability to walk in for my appointment and tell Drew what has been happening the past week, knowing that regardless of where my ache or pain is, he will be able to treat it. TruMove is my go-to for whatever kind of discomfort I may be experiencing. The friendly staff makes treating your aches and pains nearly painless!!

    - Claire M
  • Suffering with acute knee pain after a fall from a ladder, I had no solutions until I was referred to TruMove by a coworker.  I could tell right away that Brennan knew how to help.  I was truly amazed at the improvement.  I am back to doing everything that I used to do before the fall.

    - Jan Ginavan
  • TruMove Priority Care is the utmost in convenience for crazy schedules like mine. Having dealt with the sometimes strict regulations of the insurance companies as well as the guidelines of the referral system, priority care at TruMove GIVES me full autonomy to get the benefits of physical therapy when and how it’s convenient for me.

    - Karen Saper
  • Laser therapy treatment feels good – it’s warm and relaxing.  I noticed immediate and lasting pain relief. I am able to bend my knees more and now I wake up, walk up and down stairs, and get out of my car without pain.

    - Kate Geist
  • From the moment I walked in and was greeted by reception to the continued personal attention I received, my TruMove experience was a positive one.  Dry needling has been effective along with the personalized care from Ethan.  He is knowledgeable, patient, confident, positive and transfers his energy and passion for the job to me as the patient.  I trust him completely. TruMove has given me the ability to get back to my active lifestyle quickly and with confidence.

    - Sandy Cohen
  • TruMove’s specialized treatment options beyond PT – particularly the Alter G® treadmill and dry needling – were attractive offerings and have augmented my recovery.  I noticed an immediate improvement in my mobility and returned to running and cycling 3-6 months ahead of my orthopedic surgeon’s projection. This injury was emotionally and physically challenging for me.  The TruMove team brought me through it!

    - Teresa Carey
  • Matt Syverson

    Dry needling and TruMove’s philosophy to ‘keep me moving’ and ‘get me back to my activities’ is the reason I chose them over other KC clinics.  I noticed a positive change after the very first dry needling session with Mark.  Combining dry needling with physical therapy and a home exercise program has allowed me to return to exercising without pain or worries.

    - Matt Syverson
  • Jane S

    Being a participant of Priority Care, I am able to get relief within days of injuring myself. Without needing a referral or other insurance requirements, I am able to feel better after the very first treatment session. My therapist is able to pick and choose which therapy workouts work best and most efficiently, sometimes hands on, sometimes needling, sometimes both. In addition, Trumove makes paying easy, emailing me an invoice and reminding me when my sessions are running out.

    - Jane S
  • Smitha Mathew

    Laser therapy provided a nice warmth for the muscles, but I did not feel much relief directly after the session.  For me, the improvement continued for days after, even up to a week. I feel most strengthened in my healing when I have dry needling followed immediately by laser therapy during the same appointment.  My lower back pain and the pain around my spine due to fibromyalgia have almost completely disappeared. I feel encouraged that I have found a treatment option that works even when there is a flare-up.

    - Smitha Mathew
  • Anonymous By Request

    After only 3 sessions of intense ‘hands on’ therapy and exercises with Brennan, my severe back pain was nearly gone.  The arm tendinitis took a little longer, but even my ortho doctor was impressed with how much my arm had improved with physical therapy.  Brennan was very positive and encouraging the entire time.

    - Anonymous By Request